[nbos] [FM] New Version Questions
"Dalton Calford"
Fri Mar 9th, 2007
Hi Ed,

I am looking to do a large project, and I realize that you are about to
release FM8 "sometime real soon(TM)".

I was wondering, what are your projected upgrade paths and when do you
think (within a 3 month window if possible) they will be available.

I want to buy FM8, but I need to start the project soon, but I don't
have the budget to buy both FM7 and FM8 within a year, so I am between a
rock and a hard place. I want to send you money, but, I also need to
have some of the features you are putting forward with 8.

If I have some idea of your plans, I can make a decision as well.

best regards


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