Re: [nbos] Help with csv file creation.
"Robert Graham"
Thu Mar 8th, 2007
Oh just to add to this after checking there are:

87,474 stars in the gliese catalog, and I will willingly make the database
in .sql format avalible to any one who wishes it, it includes the original
RA, DEC, distance in parsec, distance in ly, r, e x, y, z, Magnitude, lum,
mass (calculated as per standard astronomical data), abs mag, spectrum and
color index.

The dump.. is large though so you might want to email me if you are after
it, it does NOT combine stars ie you get multipul stars close to each other
for systems such as Alpha centuri etc.

The dump is 7.74 mb in size and that is zipped sql so 24,920,451 bytes when
unzipped and you'll need mysql or the like to really use the data.

On request i can proberly get it into ms excell format if you are using the
newest version of excel.

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> try my cats on the shared area of nbos stuff, i could do it on the x,y,
> but
> it takes a bit of computing power i've been nice in the past but it does
> mean that the pc is tied down for close to an hour or so while it runs the
> scripts to produce the files, if i read what you are after right you would
> want me to run something like this on the program
> while z is greater then -1000 but less then 1000 and y is greater
> then -400
> and less then 400 and x is greater then -400 and less then 400 then dump
> to
> the file.
> as to Nyrath's reply: Actually the latest star cats go out to about 10,000
> LY from earth, the files that I uploaded to Nbos are done from the
> Europian
> Space Agencys updates of the Hip cat and a few others.
> To get the data in x,y,z you just have to convert the right ascension etc
> data which well there are pleanty of sites online that tell you how to
> convert the data.
> -Rob
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>> Joseph West wrote:
>>> I was wondering if any of you had a site and/or search that I could
>>> gather
>>> information from to create my own csv file. I need the stars that are
>>> within 1,000 ly (+ and - Z) of Earth, as well as those that are 400 ly
>>> (+
>>> and - X,Y) away from that line.
>> I fear that there isn't an existing star catalogue
>> with what you want.
>> The most up to date catalog is the Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues.
>> They only go out to about 160 light years.
>> I also estimate that a rectangular solid of dimensions
>> 2000 ly x 400 ly x 400 ly would contain approximately
>> 784,000 stars
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