Re: [nbos] Help with csv file creation.
Nyrath the nearly wise
Wed Mar 7th, 2007
Joseph West wrote:
> I was wondering if any of you had a site and/or search that I could gather
> information from to create my own csv file. I need the stars that are
> within 1,000 ly (+ and - Z) of Earth, as well as those that are 400 ly (+
> and - X,Y) away from that line.

I fear that there isn't an existing star catalogue
with what you want.

The most up to date catalog is the Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues.
They only go out to about 160 light years.

I also estimate that a rectangular solid of dimensions
2000 ly x 400 ly x 400 ly would contain approximately
784,000 stars
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