[nbos] Help with csv file creation.
Joseph West
Wed Mar 7th, 2007
Hello everyone!

I've been trying to put together a wormhole matrix to help me with writing
my book, but the files that I'm using either don't have enough data or the
data is admittedly (by the author) incomplete or has errors.

I was wondering if any of you had a site and/or search that I could gather
information from to create my own csv file. I need the stars that are
within 1,000 ly (+ and - Z) of Earth, as well as those that are 400 ly (+
and - X,Y) away from that line.

The only databases that I found on the NBOS site either don't fill up that
square shaped corridor or don't have the data checked, and yes, I do know
that is a large amount of stars to go over. I was just wondering if
anyone knows of an easier way that trying hit-n-miss searches on Google,
Yahoo, MSN.com, NASA, Space.com, etc.

Thanks for reading!

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