Re: [nbos] [FM] - Freeform Landmass Tool Issues
NBOS Support
Tue Mar 6th, 2007

>Hopefully this annoying little issue can be sorted with the release of FM8????

It wont be an issue in FM8, since it was a limit imposed to make Win9x
happy - something FM8 wont concern itself with. So there's no practical
limit to the length of the freehand line in FM8.

>Any further news on when it will be released?? Pricing?? Upgrade pricing??

April, maybe Mayish at this point. Pricing will probably be about the
same, with upgrades available.

>Is it too late for a wishlist for the next version??

Well, you're always welcome to submit ideas, but the reality is FM8 is ~90%
complete, so I cant guarantee what can and cant make it in there before

Btw, I think FM users will enjoy the new re-written symbol fill
tool. Combined with FM8's special 'random symbol sets' that place a random
symbol on the map from user defined symbol selections, you can make some
really nice forests, mountain ranges, etc.

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