Re: [nbos] [AS] GenerateFWESurfaceMap
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Mon Mar 5th, 2007
At 10:14 PM 3/4/2007, you wrote:
>Just two quick questions. What is the boolean parameter on this
>GenerateFWESurfaceMap( Sector, body, FALSE, ColorGroup)

It specifies whether or not the resultant Fractal World Explorer (FWE) map
file is saved in the \Planets directory. Generally speaking you'd use
false here. If you want to mass produce .fwe files, then use true.

>and second. I was running the CompleteSurfaceMapGen.astroscript and it
>seems it creates treats Gas Giants like Terrestial planets. Does
>GenerateFWESurfaceMap not distinquish between the two or is there another
>method that should be called for creating the atmosphere of a Gas Giant?

I uploaded a sample that does this to NOX tonight for you. There is a func
you can use for this, GenerateGasGiantAtmTexture().

Used like:

GenerateGasGiantAtmTexture Sector, body, 512, 256

where the 512, 256 are width & hieght of the image created. Image gets
assigned to the body, not saved as a file.


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