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Sat Feb 24th, 2007
At 10:54 AM 2/23/2007, you wrote:
>Is there a know issues with AS and the new operating system?

For AS, my biggest concern would be the video drivers if you're running in
Aero. From what I've been hearing, the video card manufacturers havent
completely caught up yet w/ Vista, and a lot of the drivers are having
troubles, particularly with 3D games.

I ran FM under vista without too much trouble, but it wasnt using the Aero
interface (I was running it under virtualpc). The big thing there I had to
check was the scripting interface, since that links with a Windows
component that I'm sure changed, but that seemed ok. There will be a few
issues that shouldnt prevent the program operating, but you may
notice. They're mostly related to the newer features in Vista. I know the
3d previews of windows wont work with FM or Astro. And the programs wont
use the new Vista file dialogs, nor the vista Task dialogs (message
boxes). You'll probably also see some UAC prompts here and there using the
programs under Vista, since both FM7 and Astro2 expect to be able to write
to their directories.

FM8 shouldnt have any of these problems upon final release. Its one of the
reasons I let the development schedule slide - I wanted to make sure it'd
run well on Vista. Depending on what any problems might be, a more
Vista-friendly Astro build will also be made.

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