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~~Richard K~~
Mon Feb 19th, 2007

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> Hey, can I ask, does anyone know if there's a way to make the teeny
> tiny handles that the fractal shape's nodes have any larger? They are
> seriously hard to reliably select.

I concur... I too would like to have larger handles.... (lol, that doesnt
sound right reading it in my head)

> Also, is there a way to arrange the "layers" like photoshop layers? So
> that any objects or shapes on a layer are below another layer.
> thanks
> tuck

I think this would be a nice option, it helps on one way, but as it is
arranged now, its also nice to select a few choice items on a particular
layer and tuck them in ot pull them forwards (yet still have them defined to
a specific layer (like Population, or mountains)
In some cases I dont use FM for a "Map", I sometimes use it to make symbols
or character sheets so the ps style layer option is more useful in that way.

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