Re: [nbos] [FM] - General Questions and Comments
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Mon Feb 19th, 2007

>So... the question is how did I "set" the scale when creating the symbol
>in the first place. It is still a bit large, but I want to be able to

Well, the explode/create symbol combo will work, but its a bit
roundabout. The vector symbols are just fractal mapper maps, so what you'd
usually do is open the symbol with the mapper (ie, file-open), change its
size in the map setup window (map - map setup, in the menu), and then save
the symbol back. Symbols are located in the MapArt directory under the
directory FM7 is installed into.

>Question: When is FM 8 coming out? It seems like from the logs that it

April hopefully, but I dont have a firm timeline yet.

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