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Sat Feb 17th, 2007
>Basically, I want to select a rectangular area (or a polygon, line ,etc)
>and randomly fill with mountains AT SCALE. This is where the problem
>comes in. I modified the forestfill(in a new file of course) to point
>to the mountains instead, but am having trouble figuring out how to use
>the PlaceSubmapAtScale method. I am still not sure I understand the
>entire conversion system for converting internal measurement units to
>feet/miles/etc, so any help would be appreciated.

For this sort of thing, you wouldnt be able to use PlaceSubmapAtScale since
the mountain symbols dont have a size assigned to them. So FM wouldnt
know how big to make them. ie, a mountain symbol may mean a single
mountain, or may mean a mountain range - its an arbitrary size based on how
you use it. This is unlike, say, the building symbols which have fixed
sizes assigned to them.

Two options would be to 1) edit the mountain symbols you want to use, and
assign a scale to them - say, 10 miles or whatever you want. Then you can
use PlaceSubmapAtScale() and FM will properly size them on your map or 2)
manually calculate the the rectangle to use when placing the symbol by
making the symbols appear at some specific pixel size on your screen when
they are placed (the ForrestFill.vbs does this).

To do option #2, you basicially need to replace the GetTreeSymbolFile() and
GetTreeSymbolScale() functions in the script to instead return the mountain
symbols, and any scale factor you want to use for particular symbols.


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