[nbos] [FM] - General Questions and Comments
"Joe Frazier, Jr"
Fri Feb 16th, 2007
I first want to start off saying that the price for the available
features makes this software very affordable.

My questions mainly revolve around scaling items, specifically via the
GoblinAPI. I purchase FM 7 around 2 weeks ago and purchased the addon
Symbol Pack 1 3-4 days ago and began looking to the API stuff. I
began by looking at the "forestfill" custom tool as this seems to be a
very good idea, and wanted to extend this idea to
mountains/hills/etc. Unfortunately, I am having some trouble as the
forestfill tool is sparsely documented.

Basically, I want to select a rectangular area (or a polygon, line ,etc)
and randomly fill with mountains AT SCALE. This is where the problem
comes in. I modified the forestfill(in a new file of course) to point
to the mountains instead, but am having trouble figuring out how to use
the PlaceSubmapAtScale method. I am still not sure I understand the
entire conversion system for converting internal measurement units to
feet/miles/etc, so any help would be appreciated.


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