Re: [nbos] [FM] manual
"Mark Oliva"
Thu Feb 15th, 2007
> From: NBOS Support <>

<<There's a PDF manual included with the full version, but its essentially
the same content as the help file - just formatted to be printer friendly.>>

When FM8 appears, I'd suggest including the PDF with the trial version, if
you release one.

I downloaded the trial version of FM7 sometime ago, did the tutorial,
monkeyed around with more things and then decided, "Well, that's a nice
little program, but it does too little for us."

More than a year later, when other factors led me to take a second look at
FM7 and after several rounds of questions with you (Ed), I finally bought
FM7. After going through the manual, I discovered that FM7 can do at least
20 times as much as I thought it could. If the manual had been with the
trial version, you would have sold it to me and my two other project group
memebers a year earlier.

And yes, I do know one or two other folks who reacted the same way.

Mark Oliva
Webmaster, the Vintyri Project (TM)

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