Re: [nbos] [FM] manual
NBOS Support
Thu Feb 15th, 2007
At 06:16 PM 2/13/2007, you wrote:
>Sorry but I am new to the list and I have a question. Would I get a detailed
>manual when I purchase Mapper 7.0 cause im all confused. I cant erase part
>of my map on the free trial and cant find how to put some color into an

There's a PDF manual included with the full version, but its essentially
the same content as the help file - just formatted to be printer friendly.

Since FM is a vector based graphics program, and not a 'paint' program,
there's no 'erase' in FM. To remove an object, click on it with the
pointer and press 'delete'. For changing an object's color, select it with
the pointer, and then click on a color on the palette at the bottom of the

If you havent already, I recommend doing the tutorials, which whill show
you how to do the basics with the program.


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