Re: [nbos] RFC: AS2 Sector Map Style Definition
"Steve Albany"
Thu Feb 8th, 2007
>I think this is a great idea. I could have used it in my Star Trek map to
great effect.

In fairness, what you're doing (The ST map) was kind of the inspiration for
this, Mike. The map I'm working on is entirely homebrew, but yours is
clearly filled with different governments and the like.

>I don't think I can be of practical help because I haven't got into Script
writing (yet?) but, if you think I can do anything else to help, say the

Don't need to be a programmer to add your two cents, Mike. Your input is
definitely appreciated as you're one of the most active AS2 posters. As it
goes, I'd like to corner Ed and ask him some specifics about what's being
exposed to WSH (Windows Scripting Host) as I have found the API docs to be a
little... lite.

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