Re: [nbos] RFC: AS2 Sector Map Style Definition
"Mike Oliver"
Thu Feb 8th, 2007
Hi Steve:

I think this is a great idea. I could have used it in my Star Trek map
to great effect. I edited as I went and sometimes had to go back and
make changes. I don't think I can be of practical help because I haven't
got into Script writing (yet?) but, if you think I can do anything else
to help, say the word.

You may recall I had problems when merging two sector maps and trying to
eliminate duplicates. I did find a way around it but have still found
the odd one or two. However, my client wanted the default colour for
politically unassigned system labels changed from red to orange, and the
star colours derived from their spectral type rather than defaulting to
red. Unfortunately, these changes don't seem possible "after the event".
I have to select every system I want to change and, with over 75,000
systems in the map, this is more than daunting. Do you (or anyone else
for that matter) have any suggestions as to how I can do this without
any script writing?

Searches don't seem to be geared to looking for system colours.



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Subject: [nbos] RFC: AS2 Sector Map Style Definition

The setting: Ok, after building a relatively large map I'm faced with
the daunting task of making this map look the way I want it, rather than
how AS2 makes it appear by default. But edit all that stuff by hand? No

So I started thinking about how we, as plugin developers could come up
with a standard framework for adjusting the appearance (and maybe even
custom data element) without a lot of brain damage. Seems like everyone
is pretty much doing their plugins however they can get them to work.

I've attached my little RFC document to this message, but just in case
the list bounces the attachment, I've uploaded the file (a PDF) to my,
don't laugh, my gaming clan's website. So, you can find the file at:

Any interested parties are invited to either comment on this thread or
contact me directly. Its my hope we'll get a dialog going and can shake
this idea loose.

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