[nbos] RFC: AS2 Sector Map Style Definition
"Steve Albany"
Thu Feb 8th, 2007
The setting: Ok, after building a relatively large map I'm faced with the
daunting task of making this map look the way I want it, rather than how AS2
makes it appear by default. But edit all that stuff by hand? No way!

So I started thinking about how we, as plugin developers could come up with
a standard framework for adjusting the appearance (and maybe even custom
data element) without a lot of brain damage. Seems like everyone is pretty
much doing their plugins however they can get them to work.

I've attached my little RFC document to this message, but just in case the
list bounces the attachment, I've uploaded the file (a PDF) to my, don't
laugh, my gaming clan's website. So, you can find the file at:


Any interested parties are invited to either comment on this thread or
contact me directly. Its my hope we'll get a dialog going and can shake this
idea loose.

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