Re: [nbos] [AS] System Data Fields
"Mike Oliver"
Mon Feb 5th, 2007

I tried to do this and also got a nil result. If you right click on the
asteroid belt in the System Data window, then select "Properties", the
Edit Properties dialogue opens. The Systems Data Fields tab is the only
place I can see where you might be able to enter population details.

Over on the lift is a large text box listing the fields that should be
included. "Population" is among them. By clicking on "Population", the
"Display Text" text box and "Data Source" drop-down both show the entry
"population", but the "Field Source" text box is empty. I unchecked the
"Hide if zero or empty" checkbox and left the "If checked, use these
settings....etc." checkbox (top left) checked.

However, on clicking <OK>, nothing had changed in the System Data

If this is not a bug, I don't know how to make it work. There are two
uncertainties: does the "Field Source" text box need to be completed
and, if so, with what, and does AS allow asteroid belts to have
populations (if not, why is there a "Population" option in the listed

None of this helps you, I know but, maybe, it gives others a clear
picture of what we're experiencing. I hope I've illustrated your
experience as well as mine.



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Hi all,

I have an asteroid belt with a population, but try as I might I cannot
get a
population to display. I have tried following the instructions in the
file to get this field to display using both the Sector Display and the
individual bodies data fields. Neither seems to work. I have probably
some essential step. Perhaps someone can list the steps in point form?


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