Re: [nbos] Using AS2 to map established "universes"
Nyrath the nearly wise
Sun Feb 4th, 2007
Terry FitzSimons wrote:
> Must he a lot of us doing it I guess. I was doing the FASA version of Trek
> Space, and the Battletech universe.

I think it is only natural.

If one is creating an SF universe, or if one is
enthusiastic about an existing one, sooner or later
the issue of a map arises.

Making a star map is infinitely easier if one
uses the proper tools.

The best star mapping program is AstroSynthesis.

People who want to get the most out of AstroSynthesis
subscribe to the NBos mailing list.

So it is not surprising if many on the list
are using AstroSynthesis to create star maps of
various SF universes.
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