Re: [nbos] Importing .csv files
Daniel Williamson
Sun Feb 4th, 2007
I already have a script written that will detect stars that are too close to one another. I could tweak it to take into account other factors like spectral type or other factor that is in the data file.



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Mike Oliver wrote:
> Yes, that's more or less why I asked the question. That was the method I
> believed should work. The actual duplicates were definitely not skipped
> and I got multiple duplications. I can sort of see the reason why it
> happened. The programme is looking for a duplicated name and if, as I
> have done, systems have been re-named from the original, there is no
> duplication perceived.
> I wish I'd realised this was the case before doing all the work I've
> done. It looks like I'll have to go through and manually delete each
> duplication. Heaven knows how many there are or how I'll identify them.

I believe that AstroSynthesis can export *.csv files.
In theory one could export the existing star list,
merge the two *.csv files, and write a quick and dirty
program to parse through it and make a list of
stars that are suspiciously too close to each other.
Or even to weed them out.
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