Re: [nbos] Display colours & other quirks
Terry FitzSimons
Sun Feb 4th, 2007
I don't know if you can get a copy of it or not, but you might want to add
Star Trek Star Charts by Geoffrey Mandel to your reference works.

Starting at page 12 it gives the basic physical structure of the Quadrant
System (the Alpha/Beta/Gamma,Delta Quadrants are 10,000x10,000ly boxes,
basically 5x5 boxes of 100,000ly space when viewed from above.)

Page 14, 15, 16 define the Subquadrent Designation, the Sector Zone, the
Sector Grid, the Sector Quad, the Sector Blocks and ending in Sectors.

Apparently the proper description for describing a Systems is Alpha
Quadrent-1-5-12-65-659-13 (Alpha Quadrant, Subquadrent 1, Sector Zone 5,
Sector Grid 12, Sector Quad 65, Sector Block 659, Sector 13. The last is a
20x20ly box.

But it seems to be for the TNG/DS9/Voy era. If yours is in the Original
Era it might be different. I'm just glad I'm doing FASA's.


On Wed, 31 Jan 2007 17:21:31 -0000, "Mike Oliver"
<> wrote:

>Well, if my map was divided into subsectors, it would answer the
>question. However, I don't think there could have been more than 5000
>systems. The key thing is to keep this in mind when doing maps in the
>future. I suppose, if I discover I have missed something and my map DOES
>have more than 5000 systems, I can always introduce subsectors, run the
>changes and then delete/hide the subsector grids.

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