Re: [nbos] Importing .csv files
"Mike Oliver"
Thu Feb 1st, 2007
Hi Dan:

Yes, that's more or less why I asked the question. That was the method I
believed should work. The actual duplicates were definitely not skipped
and I got multiple duplications. I can sort of see the reason why it
happened. The programme is looking for a duplicated name and if, as I
have done, systems have been re-named from the original, there is no
duplication perceived.

I wish I'd realised this was the case before doing all the work I've
done. It looks like I'll have to go through and manually delete each
duplication. Heaven knows how many there are or how I'll identify them.


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My suggestion is to import the .csv file into a new sector then merge
the two. When merging sectors it will give you the option to skip
duplicates. Be warned however that I had some problems with this - if
the duplicates are either not named exactly the same or are not in
exactly the same place - they may not be regarded as duplicates. I'm
not sure how the logic works.



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From: Mike Oliver <>
Sent: Thursday, February 1, 2007 5:36:52 AM
Subject: [nbos] Importing .csv files
If I import a .csv file into an existing map which already includes some
of the stars in the .csv file, will there be duplications?

If so, is there any quick way I could either avoid the duplications or
eliminate them after the event?



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