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"Mike Oliver"
Wed Jan 31st, 2007
You may well be correct for the kind of project you describe. It would
work fine for a structured rpg (i.e. where the players weren't likely to
want to dash off to some distant (and ungenerated) star system. However,
I'm mapping the local stars in our galaxy as they would be if Star Trek
was not a fictional storyline.

Also, my own games are very much freestyle. The player characters can go
where they please, so I need a fairly fully-generated sector from the

Unfortunately, I shan't be able to show the Star Trek results. They are
being done for a client who will have full rights over them. They are
for his individual use only. The work a small group of us are doing on
Traveller 2300, however, should be freely available to members of this
group, although not to be obtained for onward sale.



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All these things make me glad I'm only creating my sectors a few stars
at a time. Playing with them, getting them where I want, then adding
more. Seams easier to start that way, especially when generating a
star map that has nothing to do with our Galaxy. Though I am very
interested in seeing what you do with the Star Trek Maps.

~Heather Underwood
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