Re: [nbos] [AS2] [OT] 3D starfield viewer
"Steve Albany"
Wed Jan 31st, 2007
Well, in the area of GDW's 2300 game design lore, it was said that they used
a copy of the Gliese catalog and imported all the data in a program called
MacSpin (for the Mac obviously). Could never find a copy of MacSpin some
years later when I attempted to create my own 3D digital map of T2300. I
ended up using a freeware package for 3D Star mapping called "ITS FULL OF
STARS" which wasn't too bad, but pales against AS (v2 especially).

Using Blender as the display engine sounds intriguing. I've used Blender for
some in-game models before, but that was some years ago.

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