Re: [nbos] Display colours & other quirks
"Mike Oliver"
Wed Jan 31st, 2007
No need for the support request as far as my label colour scheme is
concerned. I worked out how to do it just now. I haven't tried it to see
if it works on the other Mass Edit functions, but it does on label

Use the search function. Pick a single letter to search for that is
likely to cover 90% of your systems (for a random generated sector, "S"
would be good). Do the search and the dialogue will list pretty well all
the systems on your map. Then click on <Select All> and bingo - all the
systems are ready to be Mass Edited. Go to the Mass Edit function, make
your changes and, when you de-select the systems, the changes have
taken. At least that was true for label colours.

If it's missed any systems, they'll show up in the old default colour
chosen when the sector was first generated. All you then need to do is
select using another letter (or number) and you gradually whittle them
down until you can do the remaining systems by direct single system
changes. Mine got done in two passes.


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Yeah, I've noticed that too. In fact, most of the MASS EDIT
functionality doesn't seem to do anything. Another annoyance is getting
the sector-default data fields to stick. I like to seem my orbits
expressed in AU rather than millions of KM (no need for a calculator
then), so I've tried to set "distance(au)" as the source for the
distance. It does not apply it to worlds globally. I find I have to go
into each world's properties and switch it to an AU display there.

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