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Wed Jan 31st, 2007

Sounds good. I'll send you a copy of the file and you can see if it's
what you are looking for. If so, we can figure out how to go about
asking permission. He really did a lot of work clearing the fake stars
out of the 2300AD data and adding the 50-60 LY ones in.


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It sounds like you have done a huge chunk of what I would have had to do
myself. Therefore, if you're willing to let me have a copy of your file,
I could start entering the rest of the data, which I can obtain from the
net, and moving the project forwards.

I will also undertake not to publish the results until we have

I haven't looked at the links yet (still busy mapping the Star Trek
universe) but I'll pay a visit when I feel like a need a rest :-)



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>If that is the case, I might be able to scan the list, put it into a
>format and create an AstroSynthesis version of it.

I've got a 2300AD Star List all set to import (bad news below though).

It's even got the multiple systems setup in the list with a Multiple
Line, followed by the Star A, B, etc with names, XYZ and spectral types
and I have changed the game names of stars back to the real ones.

It is missing the luminosity, mass and radius data (something on my "to
do" list).

Here is what the data look like (though email may mess up the layout,
you should be able to see what is up):

Multiple,626,Alpha Centauri,-1.7,-1.4,-3.9,0,0,0,G2 V,ffffff,Gliese 3060
Star,626,Alpha Centauri A,-1.7,-1.4,-3.9,0,0,0,G2 V,ffffff,Gliese 3060
Star,626,Alpha Centauri B,-1.7,-1.4,-3.9,0,0,0,K0 V,ffffff,Gliese 7040
Multiple,627,Mu Herculis,-1.6,-23.3,12.2,0,0,0,G5 IV,cc0000,Gliese
Star,627,Mu Herculis A,-1.6,-23.3,12.2,0,0,0,G5 IV,cc0000,Gliese 5890.1
Star,627,Mu Herculis B, -1.6, -23.3,12.2,0,0,0,M4 V,cc0000,Gliese 1180
Star,627,Mu Herculis C,-1.6,-23.3,12.2,0,0,0,M4 V,cc0000,Gliese 1432.1
Star,628,DM -46 11540,-1.6,-10.3,-11.1,0,0,0,M4 VI,cc0000,Gliese 8290
Star,629,Proxima Centauri,-1.6,-1.2,-3.8, 0,0,0,M5 V,cc0000,Gliese
Multiple,630,Sirius,-1.6,8.1,-2.5,0,0,0,A1 V,cc0000,Gliese 851
Star,630,Sirius A,-1.6,8.1,-2.5,0,0,0,A1 V,cc0000,Gliese 851
White Dwarf,630,Sirius B,-1.6,8.1,-2.5,0,0,0,A0 VII,cc0000,Gliese 7920

It works out that there are 1923 stars entered as 1304 different

The data I got from this site, using the NSL3Varient:

This guy that did this (Terry A. Kuchta) has taken out the fake stars
from the Kafer Sourcebook and added in stars from 50 LY to 60LY (looking
for additional expansions to the Arms). His very good explanation of
his data is here:

Since I used his data and haven't asked for permission to republish it
(he's got a note on the bottom of the front page about not doing that)
I'm not putting the file I made for importing to AS2 up anyplace to DL

I'd intended to ask him once I'd gotten the rest of the data filled out
(mass, rad, lum) as well as point out the existence of AS2 to him, but
haven't done so yet.


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