Re: [nbos] [AS2] [OT] 3D starfield viewer
"Steve Albany"
Wed Jan 31st, 2007
>See the latest posts by myself and Laurence. Perhaps we could form a
triumvirate and
>share the work - Laurence has done an awful lot already.
>Do you use AIM or iVisit for audio/visual chats (or even just to exchange
>messages)? I have both installed and will be happy to exchange addresses
off-list if
>you like.

Mike, you can add me to aim via either ID, "SinisterSunspot" or
"AvondaleSteve" I use Trillian as my IM "shell" and have had trouble with
AIM recently. But I'm a work-at-home software developer/architect, which
means I'm ALWAYS online. So if you don't get an immediate reponse (7am - 1am
PST, most days) try the other id. And there's always
as a fail safe.

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