[nbos] Using AS2 to map established "universes"
"Steve Albany"
Wed Jan 31st, 2007
Mike Oliver said:
> ...(still busy mapping the Star Trek universe)

Now that's funny.. That is EXACTLY why I dusted off the copy of the AS (and
eventually bought the AS2/FM7 bundle off of RPGNOW). It started with a
debate amongst my Trekbuddies about the exact composition of Federation
space. Like Khan in Star Trek II, the brains who thought of layout of the
Trek Galaxy suffered from two dimensional thinking. If you realistically
expand the 3rd dimension on either edition of the cannon maps (the original
set of maps was first published in about 1981 or so), suddenly all the
political and economic models in that universe break down. But it will be
interesting to see a 3D representation of both the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

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