Re: [nbos] A couple of questions
"Mike Oliver"
Wed Jan 31st, 2007
Yes, with hindsight, I can see the wisdom of your words. Like so many
aspects of my life, now I know the score, I shall certainly be more

Can you tell me to where Autosave saves its files, please? I could
perhaps go back there and look. Although I have now re-done much of what
was lost.



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Mike the best system that I found is to never ever mess with the
file that starts the day.

As an example, the file "LocalStarData.sector", save as
"LocalStarData.sectorA001", work on for a while and save as
"LocalStarData.sectorA002", work on for a while and save as
"LocalStarData.sectorA003", realize I messed up and reload the
"LocalStarData.sectorA003" (the manual doesn't say it does so, but its
always better to assume the auto save is on, then to find a feature
not documented, or available to be turned off.) So take the chance and
if the save included the mistake that you made, if its there, roll back
the next and see. If not there, save as "LocalStarData.sectorA003" and
start restoring the data that you had already created.

In a few days, you are far enough away to get rid of (transfer to disk,
ect) LocalStarData.sectorA001-015 (whatever the D1 (Day One) files are)
whatever you feel safe with.


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