Re: [nbos] [AS] Fine control on random system generation?
"Sean M. Breen"
Tue Jan 30th, 2007
NBOS Support wrote:
> What you can do, and what is very easy, is select a system on your map, and
> then select a planet within that system. Right click on that planet and
> select 'insert body -> planet/moon -> Earthlike' from the pop-up
> menu. That will insert an Earth-like planet (similar atm, size, etc) in an
> orbit between the selected planet and its closest neighbor planet towards
> the parent star. This wont guarantee the planet will be hospitibable (it
> may be too warm or cold), but it makes it far more likely.

Okay. Leaving that (and the fascinating discussion on planetary
formation it spawned) aside, how about the second part of the question.
Is fine-tuning the random generator - telling it to increase or decrease
the probability of certain bodies being generated, force it to generate
only from a user-defined list of bodies, etc. - possible? It seems like
it *should* be judging from the scripts already written, but I don't
know enough about VBScript to say for certain.

S. M. Breen
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