Re: [nbos] [AS2] [OT] 3D starfield viewer
"Steve Albany"
Tue Jan 30th, 2007
>I'm sorry, I thought it was a .csv file that could be imported into AS2.
>However, the .csv file itself might hold information that is proving
difficult to
>find. Do the X, Y, Z coordinates in the T2300 near star map all fit the AS2

>coordinate system (i.e. would Sol be at 0, 0, 0 on the T2300 list)?

Yes, the T2300 universe (unlike the original Traveller universe) is based on
"real-world" stellar data. It was also part of the reason I purchased AS
several years ago.

There are several tabular lists of the worlds of 2300, but you can get away
with any 90s edition of Gliese's catalog data to 50 LY, and you've got the
"lay of the land".

Back when I attempted do this in the early AS1 days, it was kinda
frustrating because you could see the data in AS as T2300 data. Now,
fortunately, with AS2, you can. :)

If anyone would like embark on a concerted effort to produce clean AS2 data
for T2300, I'd be more than happy to get involved. Like so many on this list
(from what I can tell). The guys over QLI (publishers of the T2320 stuff)
are just a bunch of gamer/writers and are pretty easy going. I was privy to
early drafts of 2320 and some of their other projects.

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