Re: [nbos] [AS2] Planetview
"Mike Oliver"
Tue Jan 30th, 2007

I think I now recollect the original posting. The reason you got no
response from me is that I know very little about scripting and wouldn't
have been of any assistance. When you say "the planetview", what do you
mean? The system diagram or the picture you see beside the system data
window when you select the world concerned in that window?

I have a feeling this is a question that you might do best to pose to
NBOS Support - they're pretty good at responding to these.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.


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Hrm, odd. I think the server did accept it as I recieved my copy from
the automailer a few minutes after I posted it (about1.5-2 weeks now).
But the original question is as follows:

I know there is a scripting way to generate & export the surface map
graphics out of a AS2 file (I made a bulk exporter/generator), but I was
wondeing if there was anyway to do the same with the planetview?

I can accomplish the same thing by using blender and using the surface
map as a texture on a sphere, but thats pretty tedious to do several
thousand times.

Any help would be appriciated.
-Dave Loman

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From: "Mike Oliver" <>
Don't remember seeing that. Perhaps the server bounced your original
enquiry. Re-post it and maybe somebody will come back. NBOS monitor the
group and you usually find Ed will answer if nobody else can offer any
help. However, he isn't constantly watching for things. I find it
usually takes him a couple of days but I've never been ignored.

Have you tried putting a request for info in to the Support facility?


Mike <>
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Subject: [nbos] [AS2] Planetview

Hrm, Am I to take the complete lack of responses to the planetview
graphic exporting question as "Nope, not even the devs know." ?
Any response, even a "no its not possible" from the devs would be
-Dave L

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