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Tue Jan 30th, 2007

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Now, if you found any of the stuff I threw at you useful, you have just
repaid me. That link goes straight on my favourites - and I no longer
play Traveller.

NadinB's just suggested something to me: I wonder if I can get a star to
go nova just by altering some of the parameters.......?



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> As an exercise, if you want to truly understand what is going
> on right now on Earth, create an earth like world, and then
> just change the albedo ever so slowly.It is actually a good
> educational exercise.
[Dennis] No thank you...I scare easily.

Hmm you may, but I don't think the program will let you

As an aside a friend of a friend of the family worked for NASA for a while
and taught stellar mechanics at UCSD until oh last Spring Semester.

Ed, pat yourself on the back. We showed him this tool, even suggested it as
a good TEACHING tool for students of stellar mechanics... yes there is such a
course in the catalogue

He was duly impressed.

And yes we did pick brain a tad... not much, it was dinner after all


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