Re: [nbos] Atmospheres...Was: Fine control on random systemgeneration?
"Mike Oliver"
Tue Jan 30th, 2007
My wife was much kinder to me - I could pronounce her job. I think,
perhaps, the best way would be to have the main atmospheric ingredients
listed (Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen and maybe an inert gas or two)
then use the Notes or GM Notes tab to give details of anything unusual.

I recently did a scenario on planetary surveying, where the atmosphere
showed trace "Exotic" compounds (of which even I didn't know the
chemical make up) and these all came from one remote island where plant
life had evolved to produce essential oils that vapourised rapidly and
caused hallucinations in humans. Away from the island, the concentration
was way too weak but on the island - oh boy, some fascinating results. I
didn't put all this data on the Atmosphere details - it was in GM Notes.
I simply used "Unknown" on the atmosphere description to indicate the



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My wife is an anesthesiologist and I ask her these kinds of questions
all the time. It really aggravates her, a little knowledge is really a
dangerous thing. If you are really brave try medical web sites.
Otherwise, my rule of thumb is that anything less than .5 ATM is too
thin, Oygen percentage needs to be .15-.25, adjusted UP if the ATM
pressure is lower. Anything higher would be considered a Corrosive
atmosphere, and a fire risk as well. Traveller does not concentrate on
simply chemical content of the atmosphere, an atmosphere could be toxic
or corrosive due to organic compounds, molds, viruses or anything else.
The game effect is what is important here.



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Subject: [nbos] Atmospheres...Was: Fine control on random system

Thanks, that was what I was looking for. Now, on another subject...

In Traveller there are various different types of atmospheres (toxic,
corrosive, polluted, etc.) at various different pressures (thin, normal,
dense, etc.). The pressures I can deal with as Traveller is very
specific. As to the content, AS has specific chemical contents. Do you
know where I can find a discussion on how the chemical contents effect
humans...What chemicals are toxic? How much O2 is required for an
atmosphere to be breathable? What chemicals are corrosive and how much
can be in the air before it becomes noticeable? Etc.

Cheers, Dennis
Game Master, Morning Garden
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> >I think Ed defined habitable as a planet with any one or
> two of suitable >gravity, temperature, atmosphere and maybe
> water. While hospitable required >all of them. If you can
> search the logs its here somplace.
> Yep, thats essentially it:
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