Re: [nbos] A couple of questions
"Mike Oliver"
Mon Jan 29th, 2007
Thanks for this response. A couple of questions arise:

1. To activate the revised script within my AS2 map, do I simply run the
amended script as a Plugin or is there something else I need to do?
2. Can I save the new script in the correct format but under a new name
so I can switch between the original and new one whilst running AS2?
3. If I wanted to adjust/expand the script myself, what would I need to
do? I have written VB6 programmes but not scripts, however, I think they
operate on a similar basis.

I worked out how to do the placement of the subsector grids. I won't
attempt to describe it here but, if anyone wants the info, I'd be happy
to attempt an explanation either off-list by e-mail or using iVisit for
direct communication.

I understand your point about the Undo but, boy, would it ever be
useful! Perhaps a way of undoing particular actions rather than having
it across the whole thing might be possible? Users could indicate where
they would find it a real benefit and you could look at the suggestions
and see what might be possible.

For example, while setting up our solar system, I wanted to delete an
apparently randomly generated satellite from Mercury, the data for which
I had painstakingly entered into the Edit Properties window. I
inadvertently right-clicked on the wrong body and deleted not only the
satellite but Mercury as well. I couldn't go back and had to spend ages
looking up the data and re-entering it. Grrrr! My fault, I know but oh
for an Undo.



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