Re: [nbos] [AS] Fine control on random system generation?
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Mon Jan 29th, 2007
>map for a space opera game. I'm expecting the random generation will
>give me a couple hospitable worlds, several dozen habitable worlds and
>the rest being scattered whatever. Instead, I end up with *no*
>hospitables at all, a handful of habitables and hundreds of planet
>systems & space stations. As the man said, "WTF, mate?"

'Hospitable' planets just arent very likely. During generation, Astro
actually 'terraforms' planets that come close by tweaking various
attributes to make them more likely to end up hospitable (adding O2, for
example, on Earth sized worlds). Without this, hospitable planets would be
far, far less likely to occur. Keep in mind, the goals of the generator in
Astro are to produce as feasable/realistic systems as possible, so it wont
just place one anywhere - the planet's existence has to make some semblance
of sense.

What you can do, and what is very easy, is select a system on your map, and
then select a planet within that system. Right click on that planet and
select 'insert body -> planet/moon -> Earthlike' from the pop-up
menu. That will insert an Earth-like planet (similar atm, size, etc) in an
orbit between the selected planet and its closest neighbor planet towards
the parent star. This wont guarantee the planet will be hospitibable (it
may be too warm or cold), but it makes it far more likely.

>this possible, or am I doomed to wait until AS3 for that kind of

I'll keep it in mind for AS3, but thats a bit down the road yet.


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