Re: [nbos] AS Subsectors
"Mike Oliver"
Sun Jan 28th, 2007
I'm not sure if it's common to answer one's own questions but I worked
out what to do. Just select: Filters >Subsector >Hide Unassigned
Syastems. I had thought the last menu item referred only to those
systems which had not been assigned a designation (Name and body type)
but I was wrong.


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Subject: [nbos] AS Subsectors

First, does anyone have any answers to the questions I have posed over
the last few days? I'd be very grateful for any assistance available
(short of paying money, that is :-)).

I also want to be able to make visible only the stars in the subsectors
I have created and to be able to toggle this view back and forth to all
stars in the sector. The help file says: "In addition, you can tell
AstroSynthesis to hide or show any systems that do not reside in a
subsector" (manual p 92). But it doesn't say how - unless I am having a
"senior moment".



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