[nbos] A couple of questions
"Mike Oliver"
Fri Jan 26th, 2007
I am creating 20 light year sub-sectors based on the Star Trek universe
and have the following questions:

1. Having run the add-on to label systems within 100 light years,
I'd like to change this to a different value - how do I do this?
2. I am finding it difficult to determine the correct coordinates
for sub-sectors in order to have the star for which they are named in
approximately the correct position within the sub-sector. For example, I
want Sol exactly in one corner of its sub-sector, then I want the Alpha
Centauri sub-sector to meet the Sol sub-sector at that corner, then the
Eta Cassiopeiae sub-sector to be exactly below the Sol subsector,
joining the other two at the point where Sol (the star) is positioned.

At present, I have to do this by trial and error, which is very time
consuming. Can anyone suggest a way of making it easier, please?

3. Is there any way to activate an "UNDO" facility? At present,
when I make a mistake (for example deleting the wrong body), I can't go
back to where I was before the mistake. Frustrating!



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