Re: [nbos] Kepner_50lyr_stars Map revision
"Mike Oliver"
Fri Jan 26th, 2007
Hi Robert:

Yes, I've just received a copy of the Mandel Star Trek charts and I can
see what you mean. It will be up to my customer how he wants me to
tackle this.

What "other" star chart are you talking about? And what format do you
need it in - .csv?


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Subject: Re: [nbos] Kepner_50lyr_stars Map revision

Nope... i'll explain why on the star trek part ;)

The star trek star charts as done by the Offical book and pulbications
run over 10,000 LY's in width, including both Alpha and Beta Quadrents..

If you can get me the other star chart in computer format i'll happly
run it through the program here to continue refining the data i have,
but I can only go on the Catalogs that I have had access to..

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