Re: [nbos] Kepner_50lyr_stars Map revision
"Bob Meyer"
Thu Jan 25th, 2007

The site I referenced, just plug a star name into the "Identifier" box and
submit. If your identifier is recognized it will return a complete write up
of what's known about that system.



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Sent: Thursday, January 25, 2007 10:33 AM
Subject: Re: [nbos] Kepner_50lyr_stars Map revision

Hi Bob:

No problem - I'll add your name to the list. It's a bit of a grind because
the T2300 star list uses different catalogue references to the Kepner Star
map. Robert Graham has done something similar but doesn't use the same
astronomical catalogues as T2300 and the only common denominator I could
find was the Gliese catalogue which T2300 does use and which I have loaded
into an astronomy programme called Carte du Ciel.

This enables me to look up the Gliese number in CdC, get the Hipparcus or
Draper catalogue numbers which are in the Kepner maps and then translate
them into T2300 (Gliese) and Bayer/Flamsteed references. With 33000 stars on
the 500 light-year map, that's going to take some time to complete. T2300
covers "only" about 500 stars, so I shall stop when that point is reached.
I'm hoping somebody can short-circuit some of it - hence my plea to Daniel.

I have just been retained by a customer to do the Star Trek universe in AS2,
using the Geoffrey Mandel charts, so I shall hopefully be killing two birds
with one stone.

I've paid a visit to the link you give and tried one particular star. It
seems a very complex set up and I'm by no means sure I have used it
correctly. It also seems to require me to have software I don't possess
(Aladin?) Still, I'll persevere - thanks.



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If anything becomes of the revision project, I would love to get or
contribute to a copy. I am working on a similar project for the starship
troopers RPG not traveller but stars are stars and they would be in the same

If I can do anything to help, please let me know.

FYI, I have found this site to be
an invaluable resource in matching up catalog numbers.


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