Re: [nbos] Kepner_50lyr_stars Map revision
"Mike Oliver"
Thu Jan 25th, 2007
I wonder if Daniel would mind contacting me off-list to take this a
little further? My e-mail address is
Hopefully, the spam generators won't pick that up :-)


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I am in the process of doing exactly what you're looking for. I have a
piece of software called Cartes du Ciel, which accesses most of the
astronomical catalogues including the ones used for the
Kepner_50lyr_stars.csv file used by AS (Henry Draper & Hipparcos). I am
going through the 50 Light year file in AS, picking on stars at random,
identifying them in the CdC programme and re-naming them with the
appropriate Bayer or Flamsteed number and their constellation location.
I am also trying to relate each one to the T2300 star map. Where there
is no Bayer or Flamsteed equivalent, I am naming them as ?1 Cephei, ?3
Cassiopei, etc and referring to their original Draper or Hipparcos ID in
the Notes section of the AS "Edit Properties" dialogue.

T2300 uses the Gliese Catalogue, which CdC can also access. My biggest
problem is finding enough time to get the job done.

I think that game systems and mechanics should be flexible. I'm not sure
how far Wolf 359 is from Sol but I would suggest something along the
lines of: within 2300AD, you allow a little "reconfiguring of the Warp
Core output matrix" and obtain a "15.27% increase in efficiency"
(thereby placing Wolf 359 within normal jump space :-)

Your list would be very welcome and useful. I have CHView installed if
that is of any help.


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2300AD and Traveller 2300 are the same game 1st edition and 2nd edition.
As for converting Botany Bay, Nyotekundu and the like to real star
names, I have access to most of the source material, including the
Colonial Atlas, which gives you the real names to most of the renamed
stars. So I could do that, I have not. Way back in college I typed in
all 777+ stars in the 2300AD near star list included in the game. It
has been said that the 2300AD near star list has a number of rather
significant errors in it. I know that one of them is that Nyotekundu
(AKA Wolf 359) is just a touch closer to Sol than more recent list have
it. Which is significant because Wolf 359 is a the gateway to the most
significant "Arm", the French Arm, in the setting. And without moving
it, it is outside of the 7.7 LY range of the game's FTL drives.

My list of the 50 LY neighborhood does not include the 2300AD names. I
think I started with the list in the CHView program and migrated from
there. I did not keep very good records. But I can always send you my
hand typed 2300AD list as well. I'll just have to break out the old
computer on which it is stored. Which will take a little more time.
Converting it to AS format will not take much time - except for the
multiple star systems and White Dwarves.

I'd love to know how to create a Near Star Map like 2300 AD in AS. Any



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