Re: [nbos] AS2: GURPS Plugin
"Mike Oliver"
Tue Jan 23rd, 2007
This sounds to me like a simple typing error in the code, spelling a
reserved word incorrectly would stop it from doing its job. It could be
that a variable has been mistyped, the code expecting something
different in a passed parameter.

I'm not familiar with VBScript but work with VB6 and that would be the
first thing I'd check. I'd need to see the code to be able to tell; can
you tell me where I could get a look at it?


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Subject: [nbos] AS2: GURPS Plugin

Robert Crawford wrote:

"What happens when you run it? Could you tell me how the script is
installed on your system, and maybe send me a small sector that you've
tried the script on?"
Ok I made a few different sytem to test it.

*Used ASB's Sector Generator and it did nothing at all for it.
*Used the built in Generator File->New Generate Star System Data and
populate systems, at 2220 of 2370 I get a Script Error
**Microsoft VBScript Compilation error Syntax Error, Error at Line 2
Char 2

I'm running AS v2.01d

Tried it a second time on a smaller sector, it did not crash but it did
not seem to add GURPS data. I will select a planet and right click on
it and select Add GURPS data and still nothing.

John C. Morrison


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