[nbos] AS2: GURPS Plugin
Morrison John
Tue Jan 23rd, 2007
Robert Crawford wrote:

"What happens when you run it? Could you tell me how the script is
installed on your system, and maybe send me a small sector that you've
tried the script on?"

Ok I made a few different sytem to test it.

*Used ASB's Sector Generator and it did nothing at all for it.
*Used the built in Generator File->New Generate Star System Data and populate systems, at 2220 of 2370 I get a Script Error
**Microsoft VBScript Compilation error Syntax Error, Error at Line 2 Char 2

I'm running AS v2.01d

Tried it a second time on a smaller sector, it did not crash but it did not seem to add GURPS data. I will select a planet and right click on it and select Add GURPS data and still nothing.

John C. Morrison

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