Re: [nbos] [AS] Astro Label distance
"Mike Oliver"
Fri Jan 19th, 2007
I'll play with this and let you know what happens.



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Thanks for the reply.

I *think* I know how to search for all stars of one type. I have not
this, but it *should* be possible. Forgive me if I get some of the names

I would edit the entire system's properties and ad a custom field to the
star list. For the data in the custom field I would pull the stat type.
in search, there looks to be a function where you can define custom
into the search parameters. You *should* be able to search by that

Again, this is not tested. Good luck.

I would love for "All proximity routes must connect with a specified
function as well. For now I have to be happy with just tagging the
routes I
want and mass editing the others out of existence.


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Sent: Wednesday, January 17, 2007 3:07 AM
Subject: Re: [nbos] [AS] Astro Label distance


I wanted to do something similar a while back but couldn't crack it. In
the end, I selected my target system and a whole bunch of others (using
Shift+Click to multi-select). Then I set up the parameters for the
proximity routes and clicked <OK>.

That gave me what I wanted but it depended on my having correctly chosen
all the surrounding stars within the distance parameter. As it happens,
I had found them all but it would have been nice to ask the programme to
select "all stars within x lightyears of the selected system". It
strikes me that a script could be written to achieve this - but I'm no
script writer. Maybe somebody's already done it?

I also want to be able to search for all stars of a particular spectral
type but have drawn a blank on that also. Ed did suggest it might be
incorporated into the next version of AS.



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