Re: [nbos] [FM] Just purchased Software: Install Question
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Wed Jan 17th, 2007

Have you run FM7 yet? When FM7 launches it writes its location into the
windows registry so that other programs like the symbol pack installer can
find it. If you have run it then there may be a problem with your windows
registry. Are you running any funky registry protection/security
software? You'd want to send specs of your system to the support address
(not the mailing list). Its not the installation directory - FM doesnt
care where it gets installed.

> Good Evening,
> I get the following error message when installing the symbol pack for
> fractal mapper:
> Fractal Mapper 7 Not Found - Update cannot continue. ...
> I installed the program already, but in F:\program files instead of
> c:\program files which is what I'm guessing is causing the problem. I do
> not
> have the option of installing it on c:
> Your help is appreciated.
> Justin
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