Re: [nbos] [FM] Just purchased Software: Install Question
Wed Jan 17th, 2007
Install it on the same drive as you installed Fractal Mapper 7. I
have my copy installed on a portable hard drive so I can take it with
me and transfer between computers depending on where I'm gaming. Just
install it on F: instead. It shouldn't cause I problem. While I
don't have the actual symbol pack, that is what worked for installing
some of the free symbol pack expansions on the NBOS exchange.

On 1/17/07, Justin Gortner <> wrote:
> Good Evening,
> I get the following error message when installing the symbol pack for
> fractal mapper:
> Fractal Mapper 7 Not Found - Update cannot continue. ...
> I installed the program already, but in F:\program files instead of
> c:\program files which is what I'm guessing is causing the problem. I do not
> have the option of installing it on c:
> Your help is appreciated.
> Justin
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