[nbos] [FM]Layer Counter?

Sun Dec 24th, 2006
I don't know enough about script on how to write this, but this would be grealty benificial to me. A script that was able to count the number of objects on a specified layer.

I am adding buildings to a predetermined population level, and know basically how many houses I want to add to each city. I am using a variant building area fill and random building custom tool, and resize the map to change the size of the buildings being layed out to correspond to upper, middle, and lower caste sections of a city.


For added realism, I make my original maps using FWE. Save it at the largest picture setting possible, import to VUE and fine tune the layout, then take an overhead picture of the city area to the largest picture size possible, convert to JPEG. Then use that picture as the background. Once everything is layed out I export it from FM to the largest picture size, convert from BMP to JPG2000 Codestream and then convert to JPG (if not, the picture quality is GREATLY reduced).


A counter script would allow me to place buildings and count how close I am to the number I need, which would allow me to knock out my map pictures ALOT faster! Any thoughts or help on this would be greatly appreciated.
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