Re: [nbos] [FM7] City Name Tool
"Donald Ziegler"
Thu Dec 21st, 2006

Make sure you are zoomed in at a high enough level to see the city.

If you can see the city right-click on the name and select 'Edit Notes.'
from the context menu.

You should then be able to see the generated text on the 'Notes' tab.

You can edit the script that generates the object on the map and the
generated text.

Click on 'File' then select 'Custom Tools.' from the File menu.

This will bring up the Custom Mapping Tools editor - select 'City Name' in
the left-hand pane and you will see the code for the script in the editor

The script is coded in VB Script.

I have made a number of changes in this particular custom tool - I have
added input boxes and dialog boxes to allow the user to select city size,
language, and allow typing in a city name.

Hope this helps.



From: Doug Jessee []
Sent: Wednesday, December 20, 2006 9:22 PM
Subject: [nbos] [FM7] City Name Tool


I am going through the tutorial, and things are going well. I do not seem to
be getting the text that the tutorial talks about when you use the City Name

Is there a common issue that causes this?

Also, is there a way to change what it generates?

Thanks in Advance,


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