Re: [nbos] Nbossoftware Digest, Vol 26, Issue 22
"Mike Oliver"
Wed Dec 20th, 2006
Hi Robert:

I'm now making fair progress. Cartes du Ciel (CdC) allows you to have
several catalogues available at the same time and will find specific
stars on the excellent overhead-type star chart from their catalogue
number and give a summary of their astronomical data. I am working on
the 50 Lt Yr version first, to get something done this lifetime :-) I
posted the link to download CdC a short time ago.

I am just naming them for the ID and Constellation in the
Bayer/Flamsteed catalogues but, if they don't have Bayer or Flamsteed
ID's I give them a sequential Query code with the constellation name.
However, I'm keeping the HD, HIP and Gliese ID's in the "Note" tab of
the "Edit Properties" dialogue, so that these can be used in a Search if
necessary. The Gliese number allows a player of Traveller 2300 or 2300
AD to identify the stars on that game's list/map.

Do I assume you are the author of the .csv files that produces the
Kepner maps? If so, you have my admiration; it must have taken courage
to embark on it.

I downloaded your 500 Lt Yr chart from NOX but must have missed the 50
Lt Yr one - I'm on my way back.


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mine run off a mix of the Bayer Flamesteed, Gliese and Hip catalogs with
the updates done by the Europian Space Agency and The International
Astronomy whatever they are, in 2004/2005 using the last star finder sat
stuff.. I can if you need only a 50 LY version send it to you (I have
one around here some where) I can also sort it by certain star types if
you require (it's all in a database), though it takes time to pull out
you may be able to get the common name (if they had one) by looking at
the set i have vs the ones your using as i discribed on the uploads i
did my naming as: Common - Bayer - Gliese - Hip so Proxima Centuri shows
up as Proxima Centuri - - GL 551 - 70890

The reason for this was that I was having a lot of issues trying to find
set stars by common name with the other catalogs it was taking for
ever.. The set I use I know is also used from memory by Celista for
their programming and was done from scratch using the calc's for
converting Right Ascension etc to distance etc etc.. It took 1 pc 4+
hours to convert them hehe..

As I said I don't know if there any help to you but the linkage
<> &id=21

is there for the lowest one.


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