[nbos] [FM8] Joerdhgardh Map of Week #109 Released (Part 2)
"Mark Oliva"
Sun May 19th, 2013
Continued from Part 1

24. Drunken Apprentice Tavern. One could say that owner and barkeep
Varzhinec, a 42-year-old human male commoner, named this public house after
himself. More than 20 years ago, Master Miller Ambrozh threw Varzhinec out
as an apprentice miller in the Northflood Grain Mill (Location No. 25). The
reason was that Varzhinec regularly returned to the mill somewhat inebriated
after the noon lunch break and then tended to fall asleep on the job.
Within a week after losing his apprentice's job, Varzhinec inherited the
tavern from his father, who died unexpectedly. Rather than being a miller,
Varzhinec decided to become a barkeep. Despite the fact that he always has
a bit of a buzz, he runs the Drunken Apprentice successfully. He has the
support of the town's master artisans, because – in agreement with them – he
keeps the tavern closed during the noon hour. At 18 bells in the evening (6
p.m.), when the workday ends, customers quickly fill the tavern. The
masters, journeymen and common laborers who have wives at home usually leave
after a tankard or two of beer. Those who are single and the young
apprentices tend to stay until later in the night, when many drunken
apprentices make their way at last to bed. Varzhinec works the tap, serving
lager beer from the Island Inn brewery across the street at three copper
pieces per pint/half-liter tankard. Shortly before opening hour, his wife,
Aneta, a 39-year-old human female commoner, buys dark rye bread from Diana's
Bakery (Location No. 18) and cold cuts from Borzhek's Butcher Shop (Location
No. 14). She then makes bread boards, adding butter and dill pickles. The
bread boards sell for a bronze piece each. Varzhinec and Aneta are
childless. They live in an apartment on the tavern's second story.

25. Northflood Mill. Master Miller Ambrozh, a 46-year-old human male
artisan, owns North Junction's grain and vegetable oil mill. He charges
farmers a milling fee of 10% by weight. Ambrozh employs the journeyman
miller Ivana, a 26-year-old human female artisan; the apprentice miller
Mojmír, a 17-year-old human male commoner, and the laborer Aleksandra, a
24-year-old human female commoner. Ambrozh lives in his house on the north
side of the mill, together with his two teen-aged children and his wife
Diana, who is his best customer as owner of Diana's Bakery (Location No.

26. Millstream and Dam. The millstream has been channelized with a stone

27. Antonie's Wagon Works. Master Wainwright Antonie, a 49-year-old human
female artisan, builds the rolling stock used in the North Junction area.
Her main products are wagons, coaches and wheelbarrows. She employs two
journeyman wainwrights, human male and female artisans, and two apprentice
wainwrights and two laborers, all human male and female commoners.
Antonie's husband, the 48-year-old human male merchant Radek, runs the
business side of the wagon works and he keeps the books. Antonie and Radek
live in the house on the east side of the complex, which also includes the
wagon works' business office.

28.-29. Pavlina's Sawmill. Master Sawyer Pavlina, a 46-year-old human
female artisan, took over the sawmill after the death of her husband in an
accident. She is the sole source of lumber in the greater North Junction
area. Pavlina employs a journeyman sawyer, human male artisan, and an
apprentice sawyer and laborer, both human male and female commoners. The
mill's office and Pavlina's dwelling are in the building to the left (No.
28) within the complex.

30. Northflood Creek.

Inn Quarter:

31.-33. Island Inn.

31. Inn. The innkeeper Mikulásh, a 41-year-old human male merchant, owns
and operates the only North Junction inn that accepts regular overnight
guests. His single rooms cost 8 bronze pieces per night. The public room
serves the inn's own lager beer at 3 bronze pieces per pint/half-liter
tankard. Meals run between a silver piece and 9 bronze pieces per entrée.
Mikulásh takes care of the inn's business affairs. His younger brother,
Závish, a 36-year-old human male commoner, is in charge of the beer tap.
Závish' wife, the 34-year-old Master Cook Agáta, a human female artisan, is
in charge of the kitchen. Their daughter, Olga, a 16-year-old human female
commoner, is the only waitress, but Mikulásh will double as a waiter when
business is heavy. None of the family members who work in the inn offer
after-hours services. Mikulásh, his wife Elishka, their daughter, Irma, and
his mother. Romana, live in an apartment on the inn's third story. Elishka
is a master smith who works in her father's Northflood Smithy (Location No.
21). Romana and Irma are the brewwives in the inn's brewery (Location No.
33). Závish, Agáta and Olga live in an apartment on the 4th story.

32. Stable. Guests' coaches and horses can be kept here. Three stable
boys and girls, all human commoners, are on duty in three different shifts
24 hours a day. The daily stable fee is one bronze piece per coach and two
bronze pieces per horse.

33. Brewhouse. Mikulásh' mother, the 62-year-old human female artisan
Romana, is the master brewwife. She is training her granddaughter, the
17-year-old journeyman brewwife Irma, a human female artisan, to be her
successor. The two brew a dark golden, well-hopped lager beer.

34.-37. Junction Inn.

34. Inn. The inn is owned by Count Arnosht. He bought it 10 years ago.
Since then, one can only nominally consider it to be an inn. Public guests
are not accepted. Some of the rooms are rented on a permanent basis to
important persons from elsewhere who come frequently to North Junction.
Others are let as guest rooms, but only to those who are guests of or
visitors to the count, usually in town for business reasons. Room bookings
are made by the castle (Location No. 3) staff. Arnosht's innkeeper is the
unmarried, 54-year-old human female merchant Eleonora. She works only on
the business side of the inn and in service to the guests who have rooms
there. The guest rooms all are on the second story. An armed guard
controls entry to the stairway. The ground floor includes the public room,
a fest hall that can be reserved, the kitchen and jakes and Eleonora's
office and quarters. Eleonora and almost all of the inn's staff are
immigrants from Windland. That, in turn, is the result of Arnosht's desire
to make his inn an elite house with gourmet dining. To that end, he
recruited experienced and talent members of the Windland gastronomy. Meals
in the public room are the creations of the master cooks Vladan and Karina,
a husband and wife team, both 37-year-old human artisans, also lured by the
count from the finest eatery in Tmavústí to North Junction. From the same
inn, he hired master brewwife Izabela, a still-single, 32-year-old human
female artisan. She brews a dark golden light bock beer that is unique in
Slovania, blending the sweet taste of malt made from the finest brewer's
barley with a strong bitter hops and a small portion of aroma hops from the
forbidden but high quality hops gardens of the vampire-ruled North Kingdom.
However, those who can afford it tend to prefer the premium wines from
Arnosht's own vineyards on the River Storming east of Desert's End in the
south of his county. After eating, many guests tend to dash down their food
with a shot or two of the excellent schnapps and fruit liqueurs made in the
inn's distillery. That many guests prefer wine is no problem for the
brewery, which Arnosht views as being not only a part of the inn operation
but also a booming business. Meals run from 1 to 6 gold pieces, wines cost
between 3 and 200 gold pieces for a liter bottle, schnapps and liqueurs cost
between 1 silver piece and 5 gold pieces for a shot/100-cl glass and
Junction Bock goes for 4 copper pieces per pint/half-liter tankard.

35. Stable. Guests' coaches and horses can be kept here. Three stable
boys and girls, all human commoners, are on duty in three different shifts
24 hours a day. The daily stable fee is included in the price of the room.

36. Brewhouse. The most popular brewery in Tmavústí in Windland belonged
to the Salty Sailor inn there, until it and the entire inn complex on the
waterfront were destroyed in a strange fire whose origins never were
investigated. Arnosht hired the ashen brewery's brewwife, Klára, a
63-year-old human female master artisan, who came to North Junction with her
journeyman brewwife, her daughter Izabela, now also a human female master
artisan at age 32. In North Junction, Klára began brewing special light
bock that was a legend on the high seas of Bluehome. She passed on her
recipe to daughter Izabella, and when Klára died a year ago, Izabella
succeeded her as brewwife. The brewery also employs two human male
laborers. After 18 bells (6 p.m.), locals can buy Junction Bock at the
brewery for 7 copper pieces per quart/liter. Customers must bring their own

37. Distillery. Arnosht has orchards and berry farms west of North
Junction. Master Distiller Alois, a 51-year-old human male artisan from
Tmavústí, distills the juice of the fruits and berries into schnapps and
liqueurs. His employees include the Slovánski journeyman distiller Karel, a
30-year-old human male artisan, and three laborers, all human male and
female commoners. Officially, the distillery is a part of the inn complex,
but it really is more of a commercial business in its own right. Alois'
distillates are available throughout much of Slovania. They even are sold
at marketplaces and by wandering peddlers.

South Quarter:

38. Inland Clothier. Master Seamstress Anastázie, a 55-year-old human
female artisan, is the best local customer of Lenka's Textiles (Location No.
20). Her shop makes all kinds of clothing including military uniforms for
the garrison. Her tailors and seamstresses make both ready-to-wear clothing
for the market and custom, made-to-order-and-fit clothing. Anastázie
employs three journeyman tailors, human male artisans; two journeyman
seamstresses, human female artisans; eight apprentice tailors and
seamstresses, human male and female commoners, and four salespersons and
laborers, also human male and female commoners.

39.-40. Town Hall Complex. The complex consists of a coach house and
stable (Location No. 39) and the administrative building (Location No. 40).
The town jail is in the cellar of the latter. The town rule is in the hands
of the count's appointed Burgomaster Liliana, a 52-year-old human female
merchant. The city hall staff includes the burgomaster, eight clerks, all
human male and female merchants; the six members of the town watch, all
human male and female warriors and fighters; three jailors, all human male
and female fighters, and eight laborers, all human male and female

41. Amalie's Pub. The 67-year-old retired human female ranger Amalie owns
the popular pub. Amalie opens each day at 16 bells (4 p.m.). She serves
Junction Bock beer from the Junction Inn brewery at 7 bronze pieces per
quart/liter tankard. When one considers that the bock beer has nearly 7%
alcohol, one tankard already is pretty heady fare. It shouldn't be
surprising that bar brawls break out now and then. When they do, ceramic
tankards begin to fly. However, when the battle is over, the brawlers
usually avoid visiting the jail beneath town hall (Location No. 40) by
paying Amalie for the damages. She offers nothing smaller than the
quart/liter tankards. Beginning at 18 bells (6 p.m.), the pub begins
serving fish boards – filets of smoked trout from the Northflood on rye
bread with creamed horseradish. They cost 5 bronze pieces each. Amalie has
two employees. Sabina, a 19-year-old human female commoner, works as a
waitress. Karolína, a 32-year-old human female commoner, makes the fish
boards and also helps Sabina with waitressing when it's busy.

42. Garrison. Commandant Anezhka, a 44-year-old human female warrior,
heads a company of 32 soldiers and two middle-level war wizards. The
garrison is more involved in police work than military operations. Anezhka
is responsible for maintaining the peace in the settlements in the
surrounding area, but the burgomaster also can call her to duty in North
Junction if the town watch needs reinforcement. Another lesser known duty
is guarding the large store of reserve weapons that Arnosht has stored in
the garrison.

43. House of Healing. Two human healers, the 46-year-old Vlastimil and his
47-year-old wife Milada, operate this herbal clinic. Vlastimil is the chief
healer for patients. Two other healers, both human females, the 29-year-old
Antonie and the 36-year-old Kristýna, also heal patients. Milada is in
charge of the apothecary operation. She and the 33-year-old human male
healer Vashek make the herbal medicines and remedies that area used in
treatment and sold over the counter. Milada has no herbal farms of her own.
She buys raw herbs from peddlers. Valstimil and Milada live in an apartment
on the second story.

44. Market. Both locals and traveling peddlers offer an ever-changing
assortment of wares on the market square. Not all of them are legal, but
Count Arnosht has ordered Burgomaster Liliana to not control the matter too
strictly. Anyone who wants to set up a stand on the market square needs to
buy a permit from town hall. A permit costs a silver piece per day, three
gold pieces a week or 10 gold pieces for a month.

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