[nbos] [FM8] Joerdhgardh Map of Week #101 Released
"Mark Oliva"
Sun Mar 24th, 2013
With the 101st Map of the Week we look at the village of Storm Fortress.
The village is named after the River Storming, which flows along its east

Key to the Map of the Storm Fortress

1. Ilja's House of Good Health. Herbal apothecary Ilja, a 49-year-old
human male healer, owns this house of healing. Ilja, a widower, works
primary as an herbalist. His wife was killed by an orc arrow while
searching for herbs outside of town. Patient care is in the hands of Ilja's
younger sister, Cecilie, a 44-year-old human female, and her husband,
Barnabásh, a 45-year-old human male. Both also are healers. The majority
of the patients are wounded soldiers from the garrison. Herbalist employees
are the healers Justýna. a 36-year-old human female, and Ivo, a 29-year-old
human male. Both work together with Ilja to create herbal medicines. There
is something of a budding romance in the apothecary. Justýna has her heart
set upon becoming Ilja's second wife. Lost in sorrow over his wife's death,
Ilja long ignored Justýna's interest in him, but that has begun changing
slowly recently. Cecilie and Barnabásh employ two additional healers,
Alesh, a 33-year.old human male, and Lenka, a 32-year-old human female.
Benjamín, a 55-year-old human male commoner, works as a laborer for the
healing house.

2. Chandler Radka. The 56-year-old human female artisan, Radka, is a
master chandler who works alone. She makes all of the candles burned in
Storm Fortress and also sells lamp oil that she buys in wholesale quantities
from traveling traders. Her husband, Vítezhslav, is a 59-year-old human
male merchant, is a clerk in in town hall (Location No. 5). Their children
are adults who live elsewhere. The couple's apartment is on the second

3. Southwood Gate.

4. Maternity Temple. The priests and priestesses here worship Siebog and
Shiva, the male and female spirits of fertility and good health. Having
children and being healthy are very important to the Slovania, and visits
here seem to help worshippers in both respects. The high priestess is
Libehna, a 68-year-old human female cleric. The other clerics, all human,
are the 54-year-old priest Ondrzhej, the 48-year-old priestess Ivana and the
36-year-old priestess Saskie. Count Prokop pays the temple a negotiated
annual fee for all necessary military healing. There are fixed prices for
private healing and fertility potions and rites. The clerics will not
negotiate the fees, but they will negotiate over the form in which the fees
are paid (i.e. coinage, jewels, etc.). The following are the available
potions and fees:

Fertility Potion (guaranteed pregnancy). 100 gold pieces.
Cure Diseases. 1,000 gold pieces.
Detoxify. 1,000 gold pieces.
Heal Wounds & Injuries. 300 gold pieces per ritual point.
Heal. 2,000 gold pieces.
Heal Blindness. 3,000 gold pieces.
Heal Deafness. 3,000 gold pieces.
Regeneration. 5,000 gold pieces.
Cleanse, Purify & Restore. 5,000 gold pieces.
Reincarnate. 7,500 gold pieces.
Resurrect the Dead. 7,500 gold pieces.

5. Town Hall. This complex consists of three buildings: The stable to the
northwest, the keep to the northeast and town hall itself to the east.
Burgomaster Zikmund, a 59-year-old human male merchant, and the village
administration are housed here. Zikmund and his wife, Klára, a 57-year-old
human female merchant, have an apartment on the second story. The village
employs three clerks, all human male and female merchants; three laborers,
all human male and female commoners, and a stablemaster, a human female
commoner. The cellar level has the eight cells of the village jail and a
storage area. The cellar level of the stable is the village granary. The
keep, which is intended as a last refuge in the case that the town is
overrun, houses the town watch.

6. Orcgate.

7.-13. Storm Garrison.

7. Headquarters. Headquarters are on the ground floor. Commandant Lubor,
the 42-year-old human male ranger who is commander of the garrison, and the
other officers have quarters on the second story.

8. Keep. The last retreat for the military in time of attack.

9. White Necromancers' Tower. Cyril, a 66-year-old human male white
necromancer, is the head of this war wizards' unit. Under his command are
three additional human male and female white necromancers.

10. Seers' Tower. Andehla, a 58-year-old human female seer, is the head of
this war wizards' unit. Under her command are three additional human male
and female seers.

11. Summoners' Tower. Lukásh, a 56-year-old human male summoner, heads
this war wizards' unit. Under his command are a human male and a human
female summoner and a human female sorcerer.

12. Barracks.

13. Garrison Stable.

14. Moat.

15. North Watergate. A portcullis reaches downward from the top of the
gate to the bed of the millpond (Location No. 16). The space between bars
in the portcullis is six inches/15 cm wide. Three guards, human male and
female warriors, always are on duty in the gate tower. They also walk guard
atop the gate.

16. Millpond.

17. River Storming.

18. Border of Slovania with the Fallen Lands.

19. Fallen Lands. Ruins of the AEsir Empire.

20. Bronze Blade Mercenary Co. The complex consists of a main building
(left) and a stable (right). "Captain" Shtehpán, the human male scout
leader of the company, and his currently active mercenaries live in the main

21. Common Pasture.

22. Storm Fortress Slaughterhouse. The slaughterhouse is an operation of
the county. All meat, poultry and fish that are exported are packed here.
Master Butcher Ignác, a 49-year-old human male artisan, is the
slaughterhouse manager. He employs three journeyman butchers, all human
male and female artisans; two apprentice butchers, human male and female
commoners, and a laborer, human male commoner.

23. Royal Trading Co. Warehouses.

24. Royal Trading Co. Office. This is a border station of the king's
trading coster. Behla, a 39-year-old human female merchant, is the manager
of the Storm Fortress station. She employs three laborers, all human male
and female commoners. Behla is married to the butcher Ivo (Location No.

25. Border Grain Mill. The mill is owned and operated by master miller
Agáta, a 61-year-old, widowed human female artisan. The chief master miller
is her son Alesh, a 41-year-old human male artisan. He lives with his
mother and his wife, Radana, a 40-year-old human female merchant, in an
apartment above the mill. The couple is childless. Radana works in the
mill when she's needed, but her main job is to handle the business deals
with customers and to keep the mill's books. The mill charges a 10% milling
fee. It also employs a human male commoner as an apprentice miller.

26. Millstream. Brick walls channel the stream.

27. Storm Sawmill. Master sawyer Otmar, a 55-year-old human male artisan,
makes lumber of timber from the Southwood Forest. His son, journeyman
sawyer Marián, a 29-year-old human male artisan, is training for his master
tests. The mill also employs an apprentice sawyer and a laborer, both human
male commoners. Otmar, his wife Marika, a 52-year-old human male commoner,
and Marián live in an apartment on the sawmill's upper story. Marián still
is unmarried.

28. Last Forge. Master blacksmith Rostislav, a 49-year-old human male
artisan, runs the smithy together with his daughter, master weaponsmith
Katerzhina, a 24-year-old artisan. They employ a journeyman blacksmith and
a journeyman weaponsmith, human male and female artisans, as well as two
apprentice smiths and a laborer, all human male and female commoners.
Rostislav and his wife, Simona, a 47-year-old human female commoner, live in
an apartment on the smithy's second story. Katerzhina, still unmarried,
lives in an apartment above the general store (Location No. 30). The smithy
does all types of blacksmith work and also makes and repairs swords, knives
and chain mail. The garrison is the main customer for weaponry and armor.

29. Last House Inn. The widow Patricie, a 62-year-old human female
merchant, owns and operates the inn. The complex consists of the main inn
building, a stable for guests' horses and a brewery. Patricie's
40-year-old, unmarried daughter, Jana, a human female artisan, is the
brewwife. A second daughter, the 37-year-old Dobromila, also a human female
artisan, is the cook. Patricie and Jana have apartments on the top floor of
the inn. Dobromila lives with her husband, the master wainwright Izák, in
their apartment above his wagon works (Location No. 31). The menu in the
public room of the inn concentrates upon butcherfish, lamb, boar and venison
specialties. The entrees run between 8 bronze pieces and 5 silver pieces.
Jana's dark beer costs 3 copper pieces per pint/half-liter tankard. The
single rooms (there are no doubles) cost 7 silver pieces nightly. The inn
employs a waitress, a chambermaid, a laborer and a stable boy.

30. Radim's General Store. Radim, a 38-year-old human merchant, and his
wife, Darina, a 36-year-old human female commoner, sell a wide variety of
merchandise, mostly items that are brought in by Royal Trading caravans
rather than being produced locally. Prices are about 10% higher than those
on the official tables. Radim employs a sales clerk and a laborer, both
human male and female commoners. They live together with their 15-year-old
son, Maxim, and their 13-year-old daughter, Sylva, both human commoners, in
an apartment on the second story of the store. They rent out two smaller
apartments on the third story. The complex includes several storage sheds
for merchandise.

31. Izák's Wagons. Master wainwright Izák, a 40-year-old human male
artisan, makes wagons, carts, wheelbarrows and the like for the military and
for private customers. He employs a journeyman wainwright, a human female
artisan; a laborer, a human male commoner, and an apprentice wainwright, a
human male commoner. Izák lives with his wife Dobromila, a 37-year-old
female human artisan, in an apartment on the second story of the wagon
works. The couple is childless. Dobromila works as a cook in her mother's
Last House Inn (Location No. 29).

32. Dominika's Bakery. Master baker Dominika, a 32-year-old human female
artisan, makes bread and other baked goods for the garrison and private
customers. She employs a journeyman baker, a human male artisan, and two
saleswomen, both human female commoners. Dominika lives with her two
juvenile children and her husband, the 31-year-old cobbler Vratislav, a
human male artisan, in an apartment above the bakery. Vratislav's mother,
the 62-year-old human female commoner and widow Laura, also lives with them.

33. Ivo's Butcher Shop. Master butcher Ivo, a 38-year-old human male
artisan, is Storm Fortress's retailer for meat, sausage and fish. Ivo buys
wild boar and deer from hunters, slaughter animals and poultry from farmers
and butcherfish from local fishermen. The hunters' bag already is dead when
brought in. Ivo slaughters the farm animals and does his own butchering.
He employs a journeyman butcher, a human male artisan, and two laborers,
human male and female commoners. He lives above the butcher shop with his
wife Behla, the 39-year-old human female merchant who is the manager of the
Storm Fortress station of Royal Trading (Location Nos. 23 and 24). Their
young adult offspring no longer dwell in Storm Fortress.

34. Marketplace. Merchants and peddlers who want to sell goods on the
marketplace need to buy a stall permit from town hall (Location No. 5).
Permits cost 1 silver piece per space (5 ft/150 cm square) daily.

35. Cobbler Vratislav. Although his shop is rather small, master cobbler
Vratislav, a 31-year-old human male artisan, does a booming business. He
not only shoes the village and some visitors but also makes boots for
soldiers in the garrison. Vratislav employs a journeyman cobbler, Evzhen, a
25-year-old human male artisan, and an apprentice, Lunosh, a 15-year-old
human male commoner. Vratislav lives with his wife, master baker Dominika,
a 32-year-old human female artisan, in an apartment above her bakery
(Location No. 32). The unmarried Evzhen lives in a small apartment above
the cobbler's shop. Lunosh lives with his parents.

36. Watergate Tavern. The tavern is owned and operated by the secret
brigand leader Barbora, a 57-year-old human female thief. The only food in
the Watergate is a dark bread bun from Dominka's Bakery (Location No. 32)
that is smeared with lard and decked with venison cold cuts or pickled
butcherfish from Ivo's Butcher Shop (Location No. 33). Barbora sells the
dark beer brewed by Jana at the Last House Inn. The sandwiches cost 5
bronze pieces each, the beer 3 copper pieces per pint/half-liter tankard.
Barbora runs the tavern's tap and makes sandwiches. Her only employee is
her live-in lover Rzhehorzh, a 59-year-old human male thief who spies on
customers' conversations to gain information that might be useful to
Barbora's brigands. She lives with Rzhehorzh in a room above the tavern.

37. Grainland Gate.

38. Seamstress Svehtlana. Master Seamstress Svehtlana, a 52-year-old human
female artisan, is the purveyor of clothing for both the villagers and
soldiers of Storm Fortress. She employs a journeyman tailor and a
journeyman seamstress, human male and female artisans, and an apprentice
tailor, a human male commoner. Svehtlana lives on the second story.

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